Saasguru is a workforce and skills-focused ed-tech focused on helping individuals learn cloud skills and pass their certification with a tailored learning journey that matches their speed and proficiency. They combine personalised learning with 1:1 mentoring from a global community of gurus.



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The Team


Amit Choudhary

CEO and Co-Founder

Atif Saad

COO and Co-Founder

"The feedback during our Seed round about what they'd like to see were incredibly great marching orders for Tim and I. It gave us such a clear North Star. It was incredibly helpful"

James Bowe

"Square Peg came early and looked at a non traditional business with fresh eyes. I didn't expect them to support us for so long, but they kept investing in every round, supporting the company in the good & the bad times. The team is a down to earth, extremely professional group of people, who's fun to work with and sees beyond the hype."

Shimon Elkabetz

"Square Peg really back their portfolio companies for the long run. They bring multidisciplinary expertise in many different industries, which is hugely insightful for a scaling company."

Natali Tshuva

"Square Peg's focus on the team and culture at StashAway was refreshing. It's a unique approach that has continued as we've grown the company over time."

Michele Ferrario

"It's rare to find investors who care about the culture, people and founders of an organisation in a truly authentic way. When we first met, the team had already gone so deep on researching our market that it blew me away."

Manuri Gunawardena

"Partnering with Square Peg was a natural choice for us—it’s always exciting to work with and learn from entrepreneur-driven investors on what it takes to build a successful business. Their support remains pivotal to our purpose to connect business builders with borderless opportunities in every corner of the world."

Jack Zhang

"Square Peg bring a really broad, global perspective. Their team are spread across four continents and this global POV comes through in every piece of advice and feedback from the team."

George Peppou

"We are proud to be part of the Square Peg community; and it is a real community! There have been so many great events and the founder conference in San Francisco was amazing, but it is the small things that make the difference and signal that we aren’t doing this alone."

Emma Weston

"The Square Peg team is very involved (in a good way!), to the point they feel like an extension of our team. Being connected to the Square Peg stable of portfolio companies is incredibly helpful as there is always another company that has prior experience on a topic we are facing."

Daniel Danilatos

"The support we get from every member of the Square Peg team is exceptional; they consistently go above and beyond. The community they are developing is incredibly generous with their time and support as well."

Chris Thompson

"What I've experienced over the years is that Square Peg are genuinely founder-aligned. So many times, the team has been on-board for daring or risky dreams that even I worried might be too scary!"

Arrif Ziaudeen
The Team

Square Peg Team