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Global Tech Fund

We were founded on the belief that technology would transform every industry in the world—and that brilliant, ambitious founders would sit at the heart of this change. The Global Tech Fund allows us to support founders in the public markets as they scale the important companies of tomorrow.

Our Approach

What we look for

Tech investing is in our DNA.

We bring our deep understanding of disruptive tech and world-class teams to identify exceptional tech companies that can become the important companies of tomorrow.

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Our venture investing helps us focus on and understand key tech themes and trends that will generate substantial value over time – we dig deep to find the specific beneficiaries.
We focus on outstanding founder-led teams who maintain many of the important characteristics that underpinned their success as an early-stage business: long-term mindset, clarity of vision, alignment.
We are most excited about businesses with strong defensive moats or accumulating advantage that can sustain high rates of growth over many years.
We look for highly efficient, scalable business models where financial success is closely linked to the success of customers and solving problems for them over time.

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