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Orly has spent her career at the intersection of data and decision making, first at the technological unit 8200, then as an analyst at Google and then as the Director of Business Ops at Riskified. She lives to learn and invests across all industries.

Orly Amir
Senior Associate, Venture Capital

Ed tinkers with technologies of all kinds, and is waiting for VR to hit the mainstream. He started out in Management consulting, before moving from Sydney to Singapore to set up the Southeast Asia office. He invests across all industries.

Ed Barker
Senior Associate, Venture Capital

Paul co-founded SEEK, with a vision to help people pursue their career dreams. At SEEK he learnt how to scale a global business. He co-founded Square Peg in 2012, and is passionate about backing the next generation of founders.

Paul Bassat Headshot
Paul Bassat
Co-Founder and Partner, Square Peg

Barry is an experienced multi-industry investor. In addition to co-founding Square Peg, he has been a director at high-growth companies and is a Director at Monark Property Partners.

Barry Brott
Co-Founder, Square Peg

Jethro started his career as a consultant, before joining Uber and :Different where he led Operations and Customer Strategy in ANZ. He invests across all sectors and bores us with stories of his Great Dane.

Jethro Cohen
Senior Associate, Venture Capital

Casey spent five years at Uber in the operations and strategy teams in Australia, Europe and North Asia. She's passionate about platform businesses, the emerging gig and creator economy and enterprise SaaS in the data/AI space.

Casey Flint
Senior Associate, Venture Capital

Ben has significant experience investing in tech across all stages. He learned the ropes at Fidelity International and through his own public markets investing, then spent five years in our venture team backing early-stage founders.

Ben Hensman
Portfolio Manager, Global Tech Fund

Amanda has helped founders close over 100 fundraises. She's a legal and finance titan in Australia, and keeps processes tight, fast and focused on the important things.

Amanda Hjorring Headshot
Amanda Hjorring
Partner and COO, Operations

Tony has had a career-long passion for technology. Before starting his founder journey in 2012 with Square Peg, Tony led teams investing and advising in tech at Macquarie Bank, Citi Bank and Merrill Lynch.

Tony Holt
Co-Founder and Partner, Square Peg

Osh developed the operational skills required to run a fund at Platinum Asset Management. Joining the Operations and Finance team at Square Peg, Osh helps to streamline funds management.

Osh Jayasuriya
Fund Operations Associate, Operations

Dan cut his teeth in strategy, first as a consultant and then at SEEK. He joined Square Peg early, launched and led the Israel team, before moving back to Australia to invest in AI, marketplace, and consumer businesses.

Dan Krasnostein
Partner, Venture Capital

Rob scaled Apple and  Uber to thousands of team members across APAC. A Canadian-Scottish-Australian hybrid, he's here to coach you through scaling a mission-driven organisation.

Rob Lamb Headshot
Rob Lamb
Head of Talent, Platform

Leila gained experience as an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs Asset Management. Today, she helps our Limited Partners get access to the fast-growth and important companies of tomorrow.

Leila Lee Headshot
Leila Lee
Head of Distribution, Operations

Justin has been an active technology investor for over 25 years. Justin also manages his Family Office, which has a diverse portfolio of private & public investments. Justin is also passionate about community and philanthropy.

Justin Liberman
Co-Founder, Square Peg

Fred has launched and managed countries for Glints, spent time in venture investing prior, and invests across all industries based out of our SG office.

Fred Ng
Associate, Venture Capital

Hagar is an Office  Manager and Executive Assistant where she oversees the day-to-day management of the Tel Aviv office.

Hagar Perez
Office Manager Tel Aviv, Operations

Tushar has been investing in Southeast Asia for almost a decade. He loves to invest in  founders with big ambition and with deep personal drivers for success, and support them with empathy, alignment and the truth.

Headshot of Tushar Roy
Tushar Roy
Partner, Venture Capital

Piruze built and  scaled the Stripe team in Southeast Asia as employee #1 in the region. She invests in fintech and companies with global ambitions. As a former founder  herself, she understands how to build from the ground up.

Piruze Sabuncu Headshot
Piruze Sabuncu
Partner, Venture Capital

Philippe has founded, scaled and invested in companies that have made the leap from Israel to the US many, many times. He invests in culture-driven founders at the earliest stage.

Philippe Schwartz
Investor, Venture Capital

Yonatan spent most of his career building three companies from the ground up: in crypto, consumer and SaaS. These are the areas he is focused on investing in today.

Yonatan Sela Headshot
Yonatan Sela
Partner, Venture Capital

Jenna is an Office Manager and Executive Assistant where she oversees the day-to-day management of the Melbourne office.

Jenna Shiels
Office Manager Melbourne, Operations

Tom works closely with our team and portfolio across the full legal stack. Prior to  Square Peg, Tom was a crypto lawyer at Piper Alderman, the first major law firm to accept cryptocurrency as payment.

Tom Skevington
Legal Associate, Operations

Luke honed  his craft at Caledonia, where he spent 13 years as their CFO. Joining Square Peg in 2020, Luke leads the Finance and Operations team to ensure our firm's financial wellbeing.

Luke Stevens
CFO, Operations

Michelle's broad experience in funds management and in a fintech startup has equipped her well to manage the day to day finance and operations at Square Peg.

Michelle Sutton
Financial Controller, Operations

Lucy spent six years as a management consultant at Bain, primarily in financial services, before joining Go1 post-Series B to scale partnerships. She invests in pre-seed, seed and later stages with a passion for edtech and fintech.

Lucy Tan Headshot
Lucy Tan
Principal, Venture Capital

James scaled Khan Academy from youtube channel to the world's biggest ed-tech before taking over Startmate, Australia's best accelerator. He invests in climate, education, health, D2C, and the future of software.

James Tynan
Principal, Venture Capital

Kai worked at Southeast Asia's largest ride-hailing company, Grab, preventing cashless payment fraud using machine learning and data-driven heuristics. Now she leads the build on Haystack.

Kai Yi Yong Headshot
Kai Yi Yong
Data Product Lead, Haystack
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