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What we value

Our team values

Anchor to optimism
There is always a lot that can go wrong. We focus on what can go right.
Empower with trust
Trust sits at the heart of our organisation.
Be bold
We're looking for outliers. It takes bravery to be a square peg in a world of round holes.
Unleash curiosity
When we're learning, we're happy. Ask the dumb questions.
Be yourself
We're made better by our diversity. We're fortunate to bring our whole self to work.
Real Talk

Working at Square Peg

There's a lot to love about what we do, whether that's partnering with extraordinary founders and their teams or delivering results for our investors. Here's a taste of what makes us special.

"I joined the team five years ago as a venture capital investor. After considering my passions, I explored the creation of a listed equity fund. I returned from parental leave to launch the Global Tech Fund in 2021, a huge expansion of our strategy."

Ben Hensman
Portfolio Manager, Global Tech Fund

"I smiled when I read the recent engagement survey at Square Peg. 98% is a truly extraordinary score for any organisation— to think that this is off the back of two years of remote work is even more impressive."

Rob Lamb Headshot
Rob Lamb
Head of Talent, Platform

"Square Peg is a truly special place to do your best work. Working side by side with intelligent and driven people pushes my thinking and the way I deliver."

Mick Viney
Head of Technology, Operations

"I've been lucky enough to work on some great teams as a founder, operator and leader in Australia and the US. This is without doubt the most supportive and collaborative org I've experienced."

James Tynan
Principal, Venture

"How fortunate I have been to be part of a talented,  purpose driven team, helping to build Square Peg venture, at a time when venture itself was being rebuilt in Australia.  Serendipitous."

Amanda Hjorring Headshot
Amanda Hjorring
Partner & COO, Operations
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