Southeast Asia

Piruze Sabuncu

Piruze built and scaled the Stripe team in Southeast Asia as employee #1 in the region. She invests in fintech and companies with global ambitions. As a former founder herself, she understands how to build from the ground up.

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Piruze Sabuncu

We're one global team but we've got our own stories. Here's what makes us tick.

How should a team build their core values? How do you use it once they are built?

"Core values are not a document you write once, put on your website and forget about. It is a living and breathing document, and it shouldn't have input only from the C-levels. Core values come alive in hiring, performance reviews, KPI setting, and more importantly, as a true north in the day to day actions of everyone. It can be a very powerful tool in empowering your team at every level."

What do you wish founders knew about growth?

"Having a culture that values experiments but more importantly sharing the learnings of failed experiments/failures is so critical. There is so much companies can learn from making blameless postmortems common."

What one thing inspires you every day at Square Peg?

"As a global venture capital fund, we have a unique advantage in that we operate across very different markets. It is great to be able to tap into functional expertise and resources from all around the world, thanks to the way we built and organized our teams. I get to learn more about deep-tech companies from Israel, SaaS businesses with global ambitions from Australia, which really expands my horizon. Ultimately, the diversity of our experience and networks means we can support the companies we work with in Southeast Asia with many more resources.""

What topic, model, theme are you learning about? What have you learned?

"I am very curious about new ways of learning. All of us will need to become lifelong learners, and I draw insight on how we learn well from all over; whether that be kids beginning to make sense of the world, adults that are working on upskilling, or organizations managing growth. In the next 20 years, I believe technology will have a tremendous impact on how we learn. So I'm excited because I believe in the power of learners, and more importantly, builders. I believe that the next generation of education companies will have a unique approach to creating cohorts of learners with unparalleled flexibility, aligning their business metrics with learner's core metrics of success and community building. I am passionate about supporting the transition to a technology-based education paradigm."