May 15, 2022

Investment Notes: LottieFiles $37m Series B

We are thrilled to have led LottieFiles $37m Series B funding round

Piruze Sabuncu

May 16, 2022

Investment Notes: LottieFiles $37m Series B

We are thrilled to have led LottieFiles $37m Series B funding round

Piruze Sabuncu

We have led a $37M round in LottieFiles, the world’s leading animation and motion graphics design platform that aims to create the future of interactive design.

We are so excited to welcome LottieFiles to the Square Peg community and join co-founders Nattu and Kshitij on their ambitious mission to build a designer and developer-first motion graphics platform that is making motion design accessible to everyone.

We are joined by a great set of investors including XYZ Venture Capital, GreatPoint Ventures, Automattic, and existing investors including 500 Startups, M12 - Microsoft’s Venture Fund and Adobe.

We met Nattu and K, the co-founders of LottieFiles, last year as we were in search of the best design and engineering leaders in Asia to collaborate with. When we met them, we were impressed not only with their deep knowledge and passion in building design tools and community, but also how they were able to create a global product so quickly loved by almost 3M users globally. As we spent more time with the Lottie community and experts in the field, we knew that we had come across a very special group of people in LottieFiles that not only radically simplified the way designers and engineers create motion designs, but is also deeply motivated to build a global technology company that can reshape the animation and motion graphic design process.

LottieFiles: Democratising Motion Design Animation 

We are living in a world where the bar for beautiful interfaces and graphics animations is very high. Designers and developers across the globe spend countless hours in collaboration to create motion designs that connect with end users emotionally, constantly striving to raise the bar on aesthetics to increase engagement and performance. 

However, in a pre-LottieFiles world where the right set of design tools to bridge designers and engineers is largely absent, productivity is often lost in the collaboration process between motion designers who create animations, and engineers who code them into existence on websites and applications. 

In response to this, LottieFiles have come up with intuitive, no code collaboration workflows and tools to bridge the design and engineering gap and empower designers to create beautiful animations across digital touchpoints.

LottieFiles is not just a platform; it is a community.

LottieFiles serves a large community from everyday storytellers to motion and graphic designers, animators and developers working with Lotties - the JSON-based, scalable animation that is 600% smaller in size compared to a GIF. 

The innovation LottieFiles bring to the motion graphic design space is truly fascinating, and well loved by the community - chances are, you probably have come across a Lottie in any app that you are using (in fact, almost anything that moves on any of the top 500 apps on Apple’s App Store are Lottie animations)!

LottieFiles now has more than three million users from over 135,000+ companies worldwide - Google, TikTok, Disney, Uber, Airbnb and Netflix to name a few. Every nine seconds a new animation goes through LottieFiles’ workflow, making it the most-visited destination for Lottie motion worldwide.

Where to now?

LottieFiles are looking to expand operations to cater to their ever growing user base, while building new sets of features that will make LottieFiles an everyday tool used by every designer. The team also plans to launch a new design workflow and collaboration solution to its global user base this year, which will enable designers to save more than 15 hours per asset shipped, and focus on the creative aspects of motion graphic designs to unlock 80% more time for them. 

The LottieFiles team is remote first, and growing - if you are interested in joining the revolution in motion, and want to be part of this spectacular team, check out their open positions.