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Gabrielle Bleakley

Gabby is Square Peg’s transactions lawyer, advising on all legal aspects of investments and ensuring the process is as seamless as possible for our founders. Prior to Square Peg, Gabby worked at two of Australia’s premier commercial law firms, advising clients on mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance and regulatory matters.

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Gabrielle Bleakley

We're one global team but we've got our own stories. Here's what makes us tick.

Greatest lesson an early job taught you?

My first job out of university was in a big corporate law firm. It was overwhelming for many reasons, and really difficult not to feel as though no amount of learning would ever be enough to compete alongside those at the top. Over the course of my first 2 years I came to learn that most people, even those that are really senior in their field, don't have all the answers, and that’s fine. What is important is the ability to break any problem down into its component parts, attack it in a structured manner, bring in the right people at the right time to help, and communicate with the relevant stakeholders early and often. This change in perspective was transformational for me and something that I remind myself when faced with new challenges.

What piece of entertainment would you love to experience again for the first time?

Seeing The Killers perform live at Big Day Out in the front row with my sister in 2007. I remember the moment they came out on stage so clearly as one of complete and utter euphoria.

What advice do you live by?

That you never regret a swim!

What in your childhood made your career trajectory probable?

My mother always pushing my siblings and I to put our hand up for any opportunity that came up for further learning or development. Whether we were successful in our pursuits wasn't important, what mattered was not letting the opportunity be missed. It was uncomfortable when I was younger, and its uncomfortable now, but out of discomfort comes learning and growth! Many of the best and most transformational moments in my life and career to date I attribute to forming this habit early on.

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