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Tony Holt

Tony has had a career-long passion for technology. Before starting his founder journey in 2012 with Square Peg, Tony led teams investing and advising in tech at Macquarie Bank, Citi Bank and Merrill Lynch.

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"Tony is always available when needed. Whenever I call, his typical answer is "what can I do?". As the CEO and a co-founder, I often just want to talk things through. His dual focus on strategies for growth, and ensuring that the founders are operating in a way that creates the best platform for growth, is so important. "

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Tony Holt

We're one global team but we've got our own stories. Here's what makes us tick.

What’s the first thing I do when I meet a company?

"I get excited; these meetings are the best part of our business. Why? Because we get the chance to hear from–and maybe invest in – founders who are driven and highly capable. I always learn something from these meetings, and I am almost always impressed by some element of what they do. Then rarely, I walk out of the meeting and say to my team – she was amazing, we have to follow that up hard! That is a fricken invigorating feeling."

What made in my childhood made my career trajectory possible?

"Firstly, that implies I have had a career trajectory – that sounds like BS to me. To the question of how did I get here today? Like anything, there is a combination of reasons and defining influences. One of my co-founders and I have known each other for 40+ years now, so that’s a start. I’ve known another of my co-founders for 20+ years too. I’ve always been driven, and I’ve had it impressed upon me from an early age that you don’t get gifted success. There’s a pretty famous Calvin Coolidge quote about the ingredients of success – it talks about the omnipotence of persistence and determination; my old man had the quote on his desk at work. I don’t fully agree with the omnipotence point, but really believe that persistence and determination are crucial."

Something about Square Peg that you wouldn’t know from outside?

"There’s a lot – it’s a very different environment from any other I have worked in. I’ll summarise it in a couple of points: We are constantly trying to improve and there is zero defensiveness to internal discussions about “how do we get better”; there is a necessity – and a self-belief backed up by hard and smart work – that we can make great judgements about new areas of business and enterprise. I have learnt a lot on this from my colleagues who have had a longer and more significant entrepreneurial background – you have to have the confidence to make decisions and to make mistakes."

Something you may not know about me?

"I love warm weather, but I really hate hot air."

Where did I learn the most in earlier career?

"I’ve worked in three continents, travelled vastly with work and been part of some truly great organisations. Actually, I think my learning curve has steepened in the last 10 years – increased responsibility really helps encourage decisiveness which requires you to draw on experiences in a way I hadn’t before. My time in Asia in an investing role with Macquarie was fascinating in learning to understand different economies and cultures. In a very different way, the years I had on Wall Street in the early to mid-‘90s were really valuable – it was those years where I learnt the importance of quality of thought and accuracy of output were vital to contribute to scaling an organisation."