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Leila Lee

Leila gained experience as an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs Asset Management. Today, she helps our Limited Partners get access to the fast-growth and important companies of tomorrow.

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Leila Lee

We're one global team but we've got our own stories. Here's what makes us tick.

Is culture important?

"Culture is so important. I have seen people join a company for its vision and their role within it and then leave due to poor culture. Culture is difficult to change once established – setting good intentions, and reinforcing positive contributions, can solve many issues down the road."

What advice do you live by?

"In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take."

What entertainment 'first time' would you relive?

"Watching Game of Thrones or the live concerts of Coldplay and Eminem."

What in your childhood made your career trajectory probable?

"My family showed me the value of working hard and striving for success, and importantly that work should be enjoyable! Square Peg is such a good combination of really interesting work and having fun along the way."

What was the greatest lesson an early job taught you?

"During my nine years at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, I learned to put myself in other peoples' shoes. Whether it’s with colleagues, clients, or potential clients I learned that communication and collaboration are far more effective if I first understood the others’ perspective. Understanding what motivates someone and then aligning incentives is a hugely important part of our business. Another lesson was the importance of continuous development."

What’s important to you when you meet an entrepreneur?

"I like to know what their connection to solving the problem is and what motivates them. To have the resilience required to stick with a business you must be authentically connected to the problem and vision."

Where’s the joy in your work?

"In all the little things… daily interactions with the team, getting one more investor as excited about what we are doing at Square Peg as I am, thinking about ways to grow the business and constantly thinking ahead. I also enjoy being involved with organisations which have interesting missions and that expand my knowledge and network; I'm currently a Board member of the Charted Financial Analyst (CFA) Melbourne Society and an Investment Committee Member for Trinity College (a College of The University of Melbourne)."

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