Luke Stevens

Luke honed his craft at Caledonia, where he spent 13 years as their CFO. Joining Square Peg in 2020, Luke leads the Finance and Operations team to ensure our firm's financial wellbeing.

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Luke Stevens

We're one global team but we've got our own stories. Here's what makes us tick.

How did your last job equip you for this one?

"Joining Caledonia in 2006, I was attracted to the boutique niche the firm had carved out in the nascent Australian hedge fund sector. We had the willingness and ability to do things differently. We would zig when others zagged and had to learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable. I see many similarities here at Square Peg, as we build something great within the nascent Australian venture capital sector, with a unique footprint in Australia/NZ, Israel and Southeast Asia."

What advice do you live by?

"Reconnaissance is never wasted…pursue curiosity, remain vigilant, be malleable, avoid hubris, stay humble."

What tech do you avoid in your personal life?

"The single-use Allen key…it’s like taking a knife to a gunfight."

What was the greatest lesson an early job taught you?

"While studying at uni, I worked a part-time retail job at Electronics Boutique (aka EB Games). An awesome gig for someone who spent way too much time trying to beat my brother at FIFA ’99! EB was a very American retail company – customer service was their religion. This focus on the customer was an invaluable lesson with surprisingly useful internal applications to professional teamwork. Think of your colleagues as customers of your professional output. Listen, empathise, identify needs, build trust, exceed expectations, add value, earn repeat business."

What’s something people outside of Square Peg wouldn’t know about working at Square Peg?

"Everyone gets to design their own version of the Square Peg logo, for use in their individual profile, business cards, email signatures etc. A really cool take on the concept that while we’re all on the same team, we’re all unique – a square peg, in a world of round holes."

What’s the next big opportunity in tech?

"I don’t know! But I’m pretty confident that the pace of change will never be this slow again. In that environment, the next big opportunities in tech, will be many and varied."

What’s your greatest frustration?

"Despite the many brilliant efficiency gains technology has delivered in personal and professional life, time remains the scarcest commodity."

Where did you learn the most in your career?

"13+ years as the CFO at Caledonia, a global long-short equity hedge fund. It was an amazing experience where I was able to work alongside some extraordinary people who became mentors, partners, motivators, critics, supporters, and lifelong friends. The energy and complementary skill-sets created a high-performance culture that was fun and rewarding to work within."

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